BA: Mets 13th in International Spending in ’13

Baseball America has compiled a list of an estimate on what every Major League team spent on on international bonuses during the 2013 year. The problem with a list like this is that it spans two different signing periods: the back half of the ’12-13 period when every team had $2.9 million to spend, and the ’13-14 period where teams’ official bonus pools ranged from $1.8 million (Nationals) to $4.9 million (Astros).

The Mets were 13th at $3.13 million in the 2013 calendar year. Most teams were in this range. Nearly half of the teams in baseball (14) spent between $2.5 million and $3.5 million.

The Mets began the 2013-14 signing period with a bonus allotment of $2,664,600, but added the #51 slot from the Angels, valued at $360,500 for OF Julio Concepcion and RHP Andres Perez in July. The Mets’ total bonus pool for the 2013-14 signing period is $3,025,100.

Here are the Mets’ major international signings from the 2013-2014 period so far:

PlayerPositionBA RankCountryBonus
Ricardo CespedesCFDR725,000
Aly SanchezC25VZ690,000
Yeffry de AzaSSDR475,000
Luis CarpioSS30VZ300,000
Luis SilvaRHPVZ275,000

Unless I'm mistaken, this coming year is the big year for spending, right?  Don't the rules change in 2015?  Gotta buy dem players.

Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly

@Derpy I thought the rules changed in 2011, when teams like the rangers and dodgers went BONKERS.

Toby Hyde
Toby Hyde moderator

@Mark Kelly @Derpy  Yes, the rules changed in '12 following the new CBA. There's a chance that MLB will move to an international draft at some point... that's the thinking behind the idea that the Yankees, to pick an example floated Wednesday, will go nuts this year.