Collin McHugh v. Matt Harvey. Really?

Busy Sunday. The Mets designated Miguel Batista for assignment, recalled Elvin Ramirez and named Jeremy Hefner Wednesday’s starter against the Nationals.

The team still has not named a Thursday starter. It could be Matt Harvey, although he has walked six batters over 11.2 innings in his last two starts. It might be Collin McHugh (pictured). It might be a third choice, like someone outside the organization.


As food for thought, here is what Harvey and McHugh have done in their last seven starts in AAA:



McHugh 4.54 7/7 37.67 35 23 19 5 16 39 2 1
Harvey 3.37 7/7 42.67 32 16 16 4 15 48 4 2



BB/9 SO/9 SO/BB HR/9 H/9 R/9 BB% SO% TBF
McHugh 3.8 9.3 2.4 1.2 8.4 5.50 9.7 23.6 165
Harvey 3.2 10.1 3.2 0.8 6.7 3.37 8.5 27.1 177


If you want to make the argument that Harvey is not prepared to help the Mets in 2012, that’s fine. He certainly is walking too many batters. However, in doing so, to be intellectually consistent, you must acknowledge that McHugh is less ready to help the Mets. He’s walked more batters, struck out fewer, given up more hits and almost two runs per game more in fewer innings.

Harvey’s fastball is better. His curveball is better. His results are better. The argument for calling up McHugh would essentially be: Harvey is so valuable to the Mets that the team cannot afford to let him struggle in the big leagues.

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