Fernando Martinez’s Injury History

I wasn’t going to do this. Really. Blame my friend who asked the question whether I had a comprehensive list of Fernando Martinez’s maladies.

So here it is. Fernando Martinez’s gory injury history. Note that only twice in six seasons has he finished the season healthy.

For each of the major injuries I’ve included the major associated disabled list period and the number of games that covers. These underestimate the amount of time he’s lost to injury because often the Mets hesitated to put him on the disabled list, or he played through some kind of pain. This 2006 article, for example, notes that his first disabled list trip for his thumb with a strained ligament/deep bruise, was actually the third time he had missed time for the injury.

Bone bruise/strained ligaments right thumb (5/10 – 6/7)  – missed 26 games
Right knee sprain (6/10 – 7/18) – 34 games
— played in 76 total games


Right hand injury – broken hamate bone – missed 72 games
–       Did not appear in double-A after 6/23
–       Played three rehab games in GCL 7/29-8/16
— played in 63 total games

Right hamstring strain – (5/15 – 6/27, 7/25-8/4) missed 54 games
played 9/1 – Last time he finished a season healthy
— played in 90 total games

Right elbow strain (February – rest three weeks)
Knee surgery July 14 – Torn Meniscus.
–   Did not play again after July 3
— played in 74 total games

Left hamstring strain (5/14 – 6/7) – missed 23 games
Right knee “soreness” (8/25 – end of season) – missed 15 games
Arthritis diagnosed – November
— played in 82 total games

Right Hamstring Strain (4/13-4/23) – missed 10 games
Left Hip Flexor Strain (7/16-7/30) – missed 14 games
Left Wrist Strain (8/16- end of season) – missed 21 games
— played in 74 total games


As crazy as this sounds, I still think I’m missing some nicks along the way.  Tell me what I missed, and I’ll update as appropriate.

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