Who’s Made the Playoffs More Recently than the Mets?

I brought this up on yesterday’s podcast, but did not get it right at the time. Since the Mets last made the playoffs in 2006, they are one of only eight teams to miss the playoffs in all of the last six years. I said the Mets were one of six teams and Patrick and Ted both rightly told me that did not sound right.

The futile eight: the Mets, Marlins, Pirates, Astros, Padres, Jays, Royals and Mariners. Every division in baseball is represented among this group.

In breaking news, it’s been a long time since the Mets were in the playoffs. Most other teams have been better than the Mets in the last six years.

After the jump, I reviewed the gory details for every team since the Mets last played postseason baseball.

NL East
Washington Nationals (’12: East)
Atlanta Braves (’10: WC, ’12: WC)
Miami Marlins
New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies (’07: East, ’08: East, WS; ’09: East, NL; ’10 East; ’11 East)

NL Central
Cincinnati Reds (’10: Central; ’12: WC)
St. Louis Cardinals (’09: Central; ’11: WC, WS, ’12: WC)
Chicago Cubs (’07: Central; ’08: Central
Pittsburgh Pirates
Milwaukee Brewers (’08: WC; ’11: Central)
Houston Astros 
NL West
San Francisco Giants (’10: West, WS, ’12: West)
LA Dodgers (’08: West, ’09: West)
AZ Diamondbacks (’07: West; ’11: West)
San Diego Padres
Colorado Rockies (’07: WC, NL Champs; ’09: WC)

AL East
Boston Red Sox (’07: WS Champs, AL East; ’08 WC, ’09 WC
NY Yankees (’07 WC, ’09: WS Champs, AL East; ’10: WC, ’11: AL East, ’12: AL East)
Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles (’12: WC)
TB (Devil) Rays (’08: AL Champs, AL East; ’10: AL East, ’11 WC)

AL Central
Cleveland Indians (’07, Central)
Detroit Tigers (’11 Central; ’12 Central
Minnesota Twins (’09 Central; ’10 Central)
Chicago White Sox (’08 Central)
Kansas City Royals 

AL West
LA Angels (’07 AL West, ’08 West, ’09 West
Seattle Mariners 
Oakland A’s (’12 AL West)
Texas Rangers (’10 West, AL Champs; ’11 West, AL Champs, ’12 WC)

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