Jordanny Valdespin Strains Arm in AFL, Law Hates His Swing

Yesterday, Adam Rubin reported that 2B Jordany Valdespin had “suffered a forearm strain,” and his Arizona Fall League campaign might be done.  After going 0-2 Monday, if true, Valdespin would finish his AFL campaign hitting .355/.388/.461 with four walks, 12 strikeouts and six errors in 19 games.  He’ll be 23 in December.

Before heading to the AFL, he hit .232/.243/.304 with 23 strikeouts and two walks in 28 games for AA Binghamton after a .289/.323/.437 line in 65 games for advanced-a St. Lucie.  At this point, I would not put him on the 40-man roster.  Yes, that would mean exposing him to the rule five draft.

Last night, Keith Law tweeted:

I’ve been asked what a “leak” is, so let me try to explain.  Think about a swing as an explosion.  Everything that happens before the hands start forward, including a hitter’s stance and load, prime the batter to blast through the zone.  When a hitter leaks, he’s not hold the energy in place.  Rather, he’s sliding forward and giving away potential power.  Nothing good comes from leaking.  It deprives a hitter of balance and power.
I haven’t seen Valdespin in the AFL, but most likely, Law is describing a sequence where his hips and body start moving forward before his hand go.  Thus, Valdespin will have little power.  Also, because his body is starting too quickly, ahead of his hands, he’ll be into his swing too early and be forced to make decisions on pitches early, leading him to chase breaking balls out of the zone. Some pictures or video of this would be nice.