What Do You Know About Tony Feliz?

I haven’t had a chance to edit video or audio, so my first Kingsport post will be about a guy I didn’t see, but who brings some special velocity to the table.  Tony Feliz pitched a combined 10.1 innings in the Gulf Coast League in 2008 and 2009.  Why do you care?  I had a scout tell me he saw him at 94-95 last year.  He’s doing the same this year, coming back off Tommy John surgery.  Here’s K-Mets pitching Jonathan Hurst discussing Feliz on Saturday night:

He’s been everything that we were hoping he was going to be.  He’s got a nice slider at 87-88.  Fastball has topped out at 97.  The thing was getting him some control.  He did have Tommy John last year, so we’re kinda taking him slow, giving him a chance to get out there and pitch and the time he needs to recoup.

Feliz just hasn’t played a lot of baseball.  Something that we all take for granted, playing at night was a novelty for him.  Again, pitching coach Hurst:

It was the first time pitching under the lights.  … He was like, “wow.”

Bottom line, there aren’t a whole lot of arms in the system that can touch 97.  That fact alone makes Feliz, even given his inexperience, someone to watch.