#34 – RHP Scott Moviel

Bats/Throws: R/R

Height/Weight: 6’11”, 235 lbs

Acquired: 2nd Rd ‘07

Born: 5/7/88 (Lakewood, OH)

2009 Rank: #9

Why Ranked Here: Roughly a year after I ranked Moviel #9 on a package that included height, background and potential, he’s still tall.   His athletic background and lofty draft position matter less now that he’s been a professional for two-and-a-half years.  There’s less potential in there now that he’ll be 22 in May.  First, the good.  He’s still huge, and a good athlete for his size who repeats his delivery reasonably well for his size.  He hit 93 out of the bullpen in the AFL, but averaged 90. That’s just average, or maybe even a little bit below.  He hasn’t developed a plus secondary offering, despite showing some feel for breaking balls.  Moviel struggled with his curveball during the summer in St. Lucie, but developed a feel for a slider, which both has potential and is not yet an MLB weapon.

2009: Moviel’s 2009 started late because of knee surgery.  Actually, two knee surgeries.  We’ll let him explain:

“The first one was a repair.  Basically, they said they were trying to hit a home run with it because the tear was so big and I’m bigger than most people obviously.  They said that if they scoped it out, I wouldn’t have much left, so they said they were going to repair it.

Dr. Coleman told me that he felt as though if I cut it out, it might end up hurting me down the line.  So he repaired it.  They stitched it up.  Then in April, I popped the last stitch of the repair and it came undone and made my knee lock up again.   So, then they went in and trimmed it up because then it was only a little piece that flared up.  Actually, the second surgery, I was walking out of the hospital.  …  It probably bumped my time to throwing quicker than normal.    The second surgery they just scoped it out.”

After the surgeries, Moviel did not take the mound in St. Lucie until July 3rd against Sarasota.  Moviel was pretty dreadful in July (5.67 ERA, 27 IP, 30 H, 20 R, 9 BB, 11K, 0.74 gb/fb) and by the time fall rolled around, he had an explanation for his early struggles, “I was trying to do too much and pretty much [trying] to be a pitcher I’m not….. I’ve had a good curveball my whole life,  and  for some reason lost my curveball.  I couldn’t throw it.  I was throwing it behind guys, hitting guys.  We decided to go with the slider, and the slider has been working tremendously for me.”

Moviel pitched much better in August (2.53 ERA, 32 IP, 26 H, 15 BB, 32 K, 1.48 GB/FB) than he did in July and then held his own in the AFL.

Strange but true: Batters hit exactly .250 off Moviel in both the FSL and the AFL.  He also hit 16 (!) batters in the FSL which led the FSL, despite pitching just 64.1 IP.  Milwaukee’s Dave Bush led the big leagues with 15 HBP in 114.1 IP.

Dr. Pangloss Says: Moviel might figure out the slider and become a back of the rotation or bullpen candidate by late 2011 with a shot at the Opening Day roster in 2012.

Debbie Downer Says: Or he might not, and he’ll never get anything except a cup of coffee past AAA.

Projected 2010 Start: AA Binghamton

08 SAL 24/24 4.43 120 128 75 59 9 36 82 .270 2.7 6.2 .68 2.3 52.2 5.6
08 FSL 1/1 0.00 5.0 2 0 0 0 1 2 .133 1.8 3.6 0.0 2.0 53.8 0.0
09 FSL 13/13 3.92 64.1 61 37 28 1 24 46 .250 3.4 6.5 .14 1.9 42.3 5.2
09 AFL 8/0 2.45 14.2 14 7 4 0 8 9 .250 5.1 5.7 0.0 1.1 4.4

There are 2 comments

  1. NateW

    Of all the guys you have profiled so far Moviel’s 2010 is probably the most important. He has to take a leap forward if he wants to get back into significant prospect status. I think with his height teams will be willing to give him more shots than the typical pitcher, sort of like Mark Hendrickson who is mostly awful…

    1. Toby Hyde

      Yup. No doubt. As we move towards the top 30, the guys start to get a lot more interesting. In this range with a really, really good 2010, these players could make a run at the org’s top 10.

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