AFL Update

JSurpriseRaftersLogo.PNGenrry Mejia’s third AFL start was his longest: 3 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 3 K.  Despite being charged with his second loss, he threw 35 of his 56 pitches for strikes.  There was pitch-fx for this game and to me, it shows that Mejia went back to the basics: he threw fastballs and changeups nearly exclusively with just one curveball in the third inning.  He continues to generate groundballs; four of his six non-strikeout outs came on the ground.  The take-away message: he’s fine.

After one-hit games on Thursday and Saturday, SS Ruben Tejada was 2-3 with a walk, his second, on Monday and is now hitting .344/.417/.438 through 32 AB.  That’s pretty much all batting average, but if nothing else, he’s proving (again) that he can make lots of contact.

1B Ike Davis also had single hits on Thursday, Saturday and Monday, but Thursday’s hit was a double, and Saturday’s was a solo HR, his second longball of the season.  He’s hit safely in eight of his nine games for a .378/.400/.703 a line.  Eight of his 14 hits have gone for extra bases.

RHP Scott Moviel worked around two hits to throw a scoreless inning Friday.  He hasn’t allowed a run yet, but has walked three and fanned two in his five innings.  LHP Eric Niesen has allowed a run, 10 in 3.2 innings to be exact, after two more on Saturday in just .2 IP.

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  1. NickM

    i think the pitch f/x confused the 4-seam and 2-seam FB with his changeup quite a bit.. for instance i remember seeing 88 and 89 mph pitches labeled 4-seam and 2-seam fastballs, which is incorrect.

    the changeup seemed to be pretty effective for him.

  2. NateW

    Are the 2 seamer and the changeup really the same pitch? The V and H break seem to be too similar for them to actually be different pitches imo. If they are he should scrap one because they do the same thing…

    The best part of the info, imo, is the pitch speed chart which shows him mixing fastball-change, fastball-curve, as well as doubling up on all of his pitches at least once. That’s a ton of good variety for 3 IP.

    1. garik16

      @NateW, the MLBAM algorithm used to classify the pitches is wrong a good deal of the time. Those “2 seamers” are in fact his change-ups….if Mejia throws a seperate 2-seamer, it looks more like his 4-seam fastball than his change up, and i don’t think he does.

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