BA: Likes Ike (Davis)

davis-b-mets-stance1Yesterday, in their Daily Dish, Baseball America wrote about Ike Davis.

“He’ll have power. I like him quite a bit,” a pro scout for an AL club said back in May, when Davis appeared more bust than boom. “He’s the type of player who will hit a ton of doubles and play good defense. He’s just a really good player who understands the game and does everything correctly.”

Mets vice president of player development Tony Bernazard can’t hide his enthusiasm for Davis’ development, saying, “He’s coming along well for a player in his first full year. He’s a great defender and we believe he’ll hit for power. You can see it in how he’s hit a lot of doubles. And the best part is, he’s kept up while playing in every game.”

BA also runs a chart comparing the performances of the 1B taken in the first round of the 2008 draft: Yonder Alonso (CIN), Justin Smoak (TEX), David Cooper (TOR), Davis and Allan Dykstra (SD).  While others, including Alonso and Smoak have missed time with injuries, Davis has stayed healthy and leads the group in HR.

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  1. NateW

    Could Davis be a long shot contender for the Mets 1B job in ST next year? Or would a mid year call up be the earliest we could see him?

    The way it is looking with Davis, using Murphy or some other stop gap at 1B next year while waiting for Davis seems like a very reasonable way to go.

  2. theperfectgame

    Random observation:

    6 of the 9 hitters in the Brooklyn lineup for Game 1 of today’s doubleheader are currently hitting under .210 (although in fairness Joe Bonfe has only gotten 7 AB).

    1. NateW

      That had been the norm up until Justin Garber and Tyler Vaughn were brought in.
      In fact of the 9 Cyclones with the most AB’s 5 of them are hitting under .210
      Doyle and Santomauro have been hot lately or it would be worse…

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