Bad Break for Lutz

Yesterday, the Mets officially announced that Zach Lutz had broken his left foot.  Lutz broke his right foot in his first game with Brooklyn on Opening Night 2007 and had to miss the entire rest of that season.  Injuries also limited him to 132 out of a possible 216 games in 2008 and 2009.

Now, his 2010 season looks like it has come to a close after 35 games in which he hit a promising .262/.396/.500 with six doubles, eight homers and 24 walks against 36 strikeouts.  Lutz will now turn 24 on the disabled list next week.  I believed in the bat, ranking him #27 among Mets prospects coming into the season.  I still believe in the bat.  The problem, as it has been for Lutz his whole career is that he rarely gets to swing it.

The year away from the game, piled on to all of the time he’s already missed, really hurts Lutz.  I fear that Lutz is now looking at a long career as a minor league slugger.

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