Cyclones Swept

cycloneshatWith a 3-1 victory Wednesday night, the Mahoning Valley Scrappers swept the Brooklyn Cyclones from the New York Penn League Playoffs two games to none.

The Cyclones offense just did not do enough to win the series.  Wednesday, Brooklyn had just two hits, a Ralph Henriquez single and a John Servidio double that chased home Richard Lucas who had walked.  In the two games, the Cyclones combined for just two runs on seven hits.

Brandon Moore finished off his season with Brooklyn by giving up three runs on five hits, including a two-run, third inning homer, in five innings.  He struck out four and walked two.

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  1. NateW

    The way they finished up the year this seemed inevitable.

    On July 7th they wrapped up their fast start at 16-2.
    Since they have gone 29-30 including the two playoff losses.
    So really they were a .500 team this year who just happened to get a jump start on everyone because their pitching was in mid season form.

    Are any of the Cyclones pitchers anything more than roster filler until younger players are ready to replace them?

  2. Not4Nuttin

    I know he does not have an ML fastball, but having seen him pitch a few times, I wouldn’t write off Brandon Moore so quickly. He seems to really know how to pitch and has real solid command. You are right that he is more likely to be nothing more than an org. arm, but lets see if he cannot be a surprise like a Bannister

  3. Not4Nuttin

    I hear you and cannot argue against what you say, but was definitely impressed with the kid’s makeup and figure he’s worth watching, but not worth getting excited about.

    1. NateW

      It’s good to hear because those intangibles are hard to pick up on secondhand. They sure seem to collect enough of these guys, it would be nice (dumb luck?) if every so often one of them turned into something more.

      I think McHugh could have a nice year in the SAL next year, but 4 mediocre pitches can only get you so far.

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