Dickey on Wednesday?

On WFAN last night, I made the case that the Mets should call up R.A. Dickey to make Wednesday’s start.

The candidates are: Tobi Stoner, Dillon Gee, R.A. Dickey, Pat Misch or Raul Valdes.

The case against Misch: After firing a complete game shutout on Saturday night, he would be on short rest (3 days) on Wednesday.  That alone should disqualify him, but he also was lucky last year: his 4.12 ERA was over a full run better than his FIP of 5.37.  That happens when you strike out only 23 and walk 19 in 59 innings of work.

The case against Stoner: He’s been ok, but nothing more at AAA this year with a 5.00 ERA in 36 innings and 21 walks against 13 strikeouts.  He’s given up 43 hits and a Bisons-high five home runs.  The only thing working in his favor is that he’s already on the 40-man roster.

The case against Gee:

Total 41 41 20 20 4 4 12 33 4.39 7.24 2.63 0.88 2.75
two starts
13 5 0 0 0 1 1 12 0.00 8.31 0.69 0.00 12.00
starts since
28 36 20 20 4 3 11 21 6.43 6.75 3.54 1.29 1.91

In his last five starts, he simply has not been very good.

The case against Valdes: He pitched a season-high three innings on May 1, so starting him would nearly guarantee a short start and a long night for an already ridiculously overworked bullpen.  Valdes did pitch six innings as a starter for AAA manager Ken Oberkfell in the Caribbean Series, in February, so that should be great preparation for what’s sure to be an electric atmosphere in Washington on Wednesday night.  Still, Valdes has not made a start on American soil, as far as I can tell since 2007 when he was with St. Lucie.  In his last extended run as a starter, with the AAA Iowa Cubs in 2006 he owned a 7.59 ERA in seven starts.

The case for Dickey: He’s been far and away the Bisons best starter this year with a 2.23 ERA in 60.2 innings over eight starts.  His strikeout/walk ratio is over four (37K/8 BB).  He throws a knuckleball, and that’s cool, but he’s also been an effective pitcher this year.  Even if the Mets give Valdes the nod, they should call up Dickey, assuming that Niese is placed on the dl, to provide depth in the Mets ‘pen.  A knuckleballer could take the ball nearly everyday to reduce other pitchers workloads.  Calling up Dickey would require adding him to the 40-man roster, but the Mets have a spot on the 40-man and have not yet placed Kelvim Escobar on the 60-day DL even though he won’t pitch for them this year.

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  1. esovia

    I say give Stoner the shot. Hes earned it. His career minor league ERA is 3.67 and his career H/9 is a respectable 8.5 with a BB/9 at a solid 2.6. Hes struggled a bit this season but I dont think that detracts from his overall performance over the last few seasons.

    He also works fast and thats mainly what players (and fans) want to see out of a pitcher. I think his aggressive nature and poise on the mound represents the Mets the best.

  2. NateW

    They could go with Takahashi on 3 days rest and then Misch on regular rest.

    Taka shouldnt be effected by that as he’s been relieving and threw just 72 pitches in relief of Niese.

    I don’t think we’ll notice much difference in results between Dickey and Misch so I really dont care how they do it. In fact if they could find somewhere to stash Oliver Perez they should call up both Dickey and Misch.

    However I am really concerned that Takahashi will throw 90+ pitches in 4 IP on a regular basis, and in a rotation with Maine and Dickey/Misch… uhhhgly. Then a pen which will need Perez to replace Taka or Valdez… oh boy.

  3. Michael Diaz

    R.A. Dickey has a locker with the Mets in the Atlanta locker room. Not official yet, but lets just go out on a limb and say that he is going to get the start on Wed.

  4. wrausch

    According to metsblog, Dickey is being called up to take over takahashi’s long man in the bullpen role, instead of as a starter. Thoughts?

    1. NateW

      It is a bit odd that they made no roster move since they will not be in Atl on Wed but he has a locker there.

      Niese not going on the DL right away seems odd. It doesnt fit into the Mets new prevention and recovery talking points, rather it seems to fit into last years ‘lets wait and hope it doesnt get worse’ methods.

      Also hoping or assuming that Pelfrey and Santana will have long starts to ease the overworked pen is not a smart strategy to go with. They have a 12 man pitching staff with 5 relievers right now… ?

  5. wrausch

    Also, Bill Pulsipher, Paul Wilson, and Jason Isringhausen are all unsigned at the moment. I’m just saying…

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