Dillon Gee Update

Pitching for his B-Mets pitching coach, Ricky Bones, Dillon Gee made his fifth start for Leones de Ponce Friday night.  The 22-year old gave up two runs, one earned, on four hits in six innings, walking three and fanning eight.  In four of his five starts he has pitched against Mayaguez.

Overall he is:

1-0, 1.57 ERA, 23 IP, 17 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 5 BB, 25 SO, 1.11 GO/AO, .215 Opp AVG

There are 4 comments

  1. Terry Blocker

    Nice to see that Gee is performing well. Hopefully he continues to be on the right path. Maybe a middle reliever on the MLB level or perhaps even a starter? Nice strikeout potential.

    1. Toby Hyde

      I’d think that Gee will go to spring training in ’09 trying to win a starter’s job in Buffalo. There’s no doubt he’s improved his prospect status tremendously in the last six months.

  2. adropofvenom

    At some point we’re going to have to start taking Gee more a little more seriously as a prospect……he continues to put up impressive numbers whereever he goes. I mean, a 5:1 K/BB ratio is nothing short of excellent, for any level.

    Very excited to watch him next year in Binghamton, or possibly Buffalo.

  3. WC

    Gee’s been one of my favorite prospects since seeing him in Brooklyn. In my opinion, the reports on his fastball are a bit underrated: his velocity isn’t much above average, but I saw some pretty good movement. Even without a high K total, I think any time you can throw as many strikes as he does and still put up a good hit rate, you have potential.

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