Goldstein on Rule 5

Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus dropped a few thoughts on the Mets’ Rule 5 draft selections.

Mets: Darren O’Day, RHP, Angels
O’Day basically becomes an instant $50,000 replacement for Joe Smith, who was included in the 12-player deal that netted them J.J. Putz. Like Smith, O’Day is a sidearmer who struggles against lefties but is effective against righties and gets ground-ball outs. A nice find this late.

I’m a little surprised that Goldstein is as positive as he is on O’Day, but his logic is explained further in Rocky Cherry’s comment.

Mets: Rocky Cherry, RHP, Orioles
The oldest of the Rule 5 selections, Cherry has been an up-and-down guy for some time now due to his plus velocity, and this pick is basically designed to add to the competition this spring, as the Metropolitans’ two Rule 5 selections compete with newly acquired Sean Green for what might be just one spot in the Mets’ revamped bullpen.

Why stop there?  The spring training bullpen competition should be fascinating.  Right now, Green, Cherry, O’Day (if he’s healthy), Parnell, Kunz and maybe Muniz will be battling just a few spots.

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  1. NateW

    You can include Dauner Sanchez in that competition as I don’t think his roster spot is locked down coming off of last years performance. They’ll need to see some glimmer of his former dominance for him to win a spot early in the spring.

    I like the O’Day / Green combo as O’Day may need DL time this year and has options remaining for 2010 and 2011, and Green has an option year remaining. They can be swapped out for each other as needed. I’m curious though, if O’Day ends up needing surgery and stays on the DL all year does he have to be offered back?

    I’d guess that the Mets pen will mostly consist of K-Rod, Putz, Dauner, Feliciano, Scho (or a FA lefty), Green, and Cherry.

    Parnell, Kunz, and Muniz will have a hard time topping Cherry since they can be moved to AAA with no ramifications. I doubt any one of the three will have a spring that demands they make the team.

    1. adropofvenom

      If O’Day spent all of 2009 on the DL, he would need to be on the 2010 roster for the first 90 days in order to fill his Rule 5 obligations.

  2. Crazy Eddie

    I would want Parnell in there. But that pen is looking crowded. There is also the possibility of chad cordero or someone who gets non-tendered (Saito). Haven’t seen anything on them but I wouldn’t be shocked if Omar tried to get another arm.

    1. NateW

      rule 5 guys make it interesting in ST.

      Cherry on the Mets and Parnell in AAA is almost always going to be better than Parnell on the Mets and Cherry back on the Orioles.

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