Hey, Didn’t You Use to Be Eddie Kunz?

That Eddie Kunz to the starting rotation in AA Binghamton just might be working after all:

April 8.83 17.1 15 16 9 2 20.3 11.4 60%
May 3.14 28.2 28 10 20 0 8.3 16.5 38.70%

In May, he’s halved his walk rate from April.  This is unequivocally a good thing. He’s lifted his K/rate as well.

And yet, grounders, the past hallmark of Kunz’s game are disappearing like untainted marsh along the Louisiana coast.  Last night when he was good, he induced seven ground ball outs and ten flyball outs.

The numbers suggest that Kunz is having success by working up in the zone.  In last night’s highlight video, he gives up a single at the one minute mark on a pitch exactly belt high.  Ok, so that’s not success, but it is up.  Then, at the 1:30 mark, he fans a batter on an elevated fastball with some nasty run away from the left handed hitter.  Kunz brings his catcher out of his stance on the offering.

Can Kunz continue to have success up in the zone?  I suspect not,  but it seems he’s becoming a different pitcher week by week.  If he were able to keep his May strikeout and walk rates, while returning to working down in the zone and inducing ground balls, he might really be on to something.

There is one comment

  1. theperfectgame

    At this point, anything they can get out of Kunz is found money as far as I’m concerned. Good for him if he’s figuring out a new way to be effective.

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