Holt to Demoted to St. Lucie

Wow.  Brad Holt was transferred from AA Binghamton to Advanced-A St. Lucie today.  Holt has been terrible in AA this year and he wasn’t so hot last year either.

2009 6.21 58 58 42 40 9 3 23 45 .270 9.31 18.22 3.64 1.96
2010 10.20 30 43 35 34 2 3 23 25 .336 14.74 16.03 1.28 1.09
Total 7.57 88 101 77 74 11 6 46 70 .294 11.41 17.37 2.73 1.52

The last time Holt really was top-prospect level dominant was back in St. Lucie in 2009.

2009 – A+ 3.12 43.33 34 16 15 5 1 13 54 0.215 7.51 31.21 2.89 4.15

His overall line at St. Lucie understates how good he was. He was blasted for nine runs in 3.2 innings on Opening Night and then allowed just seven more runs in his next 39.2 innings in the Florida State League.

What’s up with Holt now? He missed the first two weeks this year with a wrist problem, but he and the Mets say he’s completely healthy.

I’ve received wildly differing reports on his velocity. Either way, no one has said to me that he’s sitting 93-95 as he was in Brooklyn in 2008. I just don’t think without that premium velocity, he’s an elite prospect.
As for the breaking ball? Again, well, he’s been demoted back to the Florida State League, right?

Systemic Implications

So, who from the St. Lucie rotation goes to the bullpen?  It won’t be Jeurys Familia, Kyle Allen or Robert Carson.  Eric Beaulac or Scott Moviel?

How about the Savannah starters who deserve promotions including Brandon Moore, Mark Cohoon and Jimmy Fuller?

There are 4 comments

  1. stickguy

    Is it now logical to assume that right after the ASG, there will be quite a few pitchers moving between A, A+ and AA? Anyone from AA due to move up to AAA?

    Or, I suppose it could be Holt going to the pen until he gets his act figured out.

    1. NateW

      I dont see anyone at AA earning a promotion, and AAA has 6 starters as long as Maine will be there.
      AA would appear to be the most questionable as Schwinden has been brutal and Shaw/Kunz have both been moved to relief leaving them in need of a starter for tomorrow. I’d guess Shaw gets that start and they figure it out later.

  2. imissthemojo

    Going to the pen won’t do a thing for Holt. He’s just a mess. I think the Mets are losing a bit of patience with him…and I can’t say I blame them. Being sent back to St. Lucie may not be such a bad thing for him. Maybe it’s the kick he needs to get himself together. Getting him out of Binghamton for a bit may be a breath of fresh air. I think he was billed a bit bigger than he’ll ever really turn out to be, but there’s still potential in him. It’s all in his hands now…hopefully he’ll get some confidence in the FSL and right the ship. Or else this kid’s star may fizzle out….

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