Ike Davis Bombs Cardinals

It doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things to hit a home run in the first week of spring training games, but if you doubted that Ike Davis’s power was real, you have to check out this ball he absolutely crushed for a grand slam against the Cardinals Thursday afternoon. ¬† Bat speed, strength plus contact on the sweet spot of the bat is a good recipe to make a ball go a long, long way.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis singled and Shawn Bowman doubled, while SS Ruben Tejada was 0-3.  Tobi Stoner gave up a solo HR to Ryan Ludwick, but earned the win for his 2.1 IP.

There is one comment

  1. moze1021

    Bowman actually hit a double…and it was an absolute bomb to left center that got hung up in the cross wind. Hit the top of the fence and Ron pointed out that it was the best hit ball all day (of course this was before Ike’s slam)

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