Ike Davis- Impressive Debut

Ike Davis has already given Mets fans something to get excited about. Davis was 2-3 with a double and a run scored, leading the Mets to a 4-2 win in their spring training opener over the Atlanta Braves. Davis started slow but picked it up later in the game. Davis did look a little nervous in his 1st at-bat yesterday; he took a couple of deep breaths before digging in. Atlanta starter, Tommy Hanson, made quick work of Davis on 3 pitches. Davis was ready for the Hanson fastball, but was over-matched on the two curve-balls that Hanson threw him. Davis took a first pitch curve-ball for a strike, and then fouled of a heater straight back to the screen, and then Hanson put him away with a sharp biting hook, that Davis was out in front of. In his second at bat Davis smoked a 2-0 fastball into right center for a double. In his third at bat Davis flared a single into left field. It was a two strike slider, from a left-handed pitcher, that Davis was out in front of, but he was able to keep his hands back enough to serve it into left field.

What I liked about Davis is he can crush a fastball. If you struggle to catch up to fastballs, you have no shot at becoming a solid big-leaguer. It’s clear that one of the things Davis needs to work on is hitting lefties and off-speed pitches. Davis did take a step in the right direction by lining a single to left off a lefty in his spring training debut.

On a side note, Atlanta showcased two of their most prized possessions yesterday. Tommy Hanson and Jason Heyward were on display for Mets fans to see at Tradition Field. Hanson, coming off a stellar rookie campaign, was very efficient and dominant in two innings of work. Hanson struck out 3 and walked none, while giving up a lead-off single to Jesus Feliciano. Heyward was very impressive. He was 1-1 with two walks and a rocket single in three at-bats. Heyward also displayed his speed with a stolen base in the 3rd inning.

Thanks to Metsblog.com for the photo. Check out more Mets spring training photos here.

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