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In the Providence Journal, Pawtucket manager Torey Luvollo shares his thoughts on Kris Johnson’s 1st win in 308 days vs. the Bisons:

“He wasn’t falling behind and pitching out of the zone, and I think that’s key for him. KJ’s got to realize he can stand up on the mound and throw quality fastballs to either side of the plate to get ahead.”

In the Press & Sun Bulletin, B-Mets manager Tim Tuefel talks about his uncertainty regarding Eric Niesen’s next start (Niesen was was drilled in the back of the head by a throw from his catcher, Mike Nickeas, who was attempting to throw out a base-stealer Friday night.)

“I think there was some testing done, and the medical staff is grappling with that right now, with what they’re going to do. If he misses his side, he’s probably going to miss his start.”

UPDATE (1:30PM): According to Adam Rubin, Eric Niesen will be placed on the DL with a concussion.

In an AP article, St. Lucie LHP Angel Calero has been suspended 50 games for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug under the minor league program. Calero tested positive for metabolites of Nandrolone. Calero is 1-1, 5.68 ERA in 4 relief appearances for St. Lucie.

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  1. theperfectgame

    Sucks about Niesen. Did anyone see it? Was it an errant throw by Nickeas, or did Niesen just not get out of the way? It’s a bit weird that Nickeas was pulled from that game a few innings after it happened and placed on the DL himself the next day.

    Regarding Calero, any chance he was just eating uncooked mammal placenta, which, per Wikipedia, can produce similar anabolic effects? Seriously, though, I hope this is just an isolated incident of stupidity. Can we expect Calero to disappear a la Kyle Suire?

    I wonder if Jose Coronado needs to be tested. After hitting 4 HR in his first 2,058 professional AB, he’s already launched 3 so far this year in just 58 AB. Or perhaps he’s just finding his power stroke…

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