John Manuel Ranks Farm Systems

At, John Manuel of Baseball America has released his rankings of all 30 MLB farm systems.  Manuel’s explains his hierarchy:  

For the personal ranking presented here, the emphasis is on star power.

Manuel drops the Mets into the “Worst of the rest” group, which covers the 16-25 range.  His comment is:

Mets: Solid top 10, but the Mets don’t have anyone likely to help in New York in 2010.

Those could be fightin’ words for Fernando Martinez, Jon Niese, Josh Thole, Ike Davis or even Jenrry Mejia.  The rest of the Mets tier includes the Angels, A’s, Cubs, Dodgers, Mariners, Padres, Reds and Tigers.

Manuel ranks the top 5:
1. Rangers
2. Rays
3. Giants
4. Phillies
5. Indians

There is one comment

  1. mark4212

    I saw this up on CNNSI yesterday. Throughout the entire thing his Star Power thing isn’t included. He says things throughout it about lack of depth. Or lack of guys ready to help next year. So for him to say it’s about “STAR” power and then say things like that makes me think he took into account many more things then STAR power. STAR Power would have had a team with a solid top 10 in the top 10, not in the 16-20 range.

    From reading this site and a few others, the Mets farm system is very top heavy, and not deep, with most of the talent in AA last year outside Martinez and Neise. This season most will be in AAA and AA which should rocket the mets up this list next off-season when if everything continues the way it has in AAA The Mets will have Davis, Thole, Neise, Martinez, Tejada all ready to be called up, and coming up into AAA, Havens, Mejia, Holt, Nieuwenhius all coming into AAA.

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