Mark Cohoon Tosses Second Consecutive CG Shutout

A: Savannah Sand Gnats 7, @ Greensboro Grasshoppers 0

Mark Cohoon tossed his second consecutive complete game shutout Thursday night in Greensboro, NC in a 7-0 Gnats win. For the second consecutive outing, Cohoon allowed three hits and a walk over nine innings. He is the only pitcher in all of minor league baseball to throw two complete game shutouts this year. In his last 18 innings, Cohoon has given up just six hits, two walks and one hit batter, while striking out 15 without allowing a single run.

The Gnats (36-25) have now won four straight games.

Including both Major and Minor Leaguers, Cohoon is now part of an elite club of four pitchers with two or more complete game shutouts in 2010. He joins Roy Halladay, who has tossed three, and Matt Cain and Ubaldo Jimenez who each have two complete game shutouts, as the only pitchers with multiple shutouts.

Cohoon now leads the SAL with his 1.44 ERA and is sixth in all of minor league baseball.

The Gnats scored in five different innings on Thursday, tying a season-high with three home runs. 1B Michael Fisher and SS Wilmer Flores hit back-to-back jacks in the third inning, the first time that the Gntas have hit two long balls in the same inning this year.

The interview I did with Mark last Saturday, following his first complete game shutout is below.


photo courtesy Fred Devyatkin/Savannah Sand Gnats

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  1. mistermet

    Something tells me it is about time for a promotion for some of these Savannah pitchers…well, I guess after the playoff push is over anyway. It is certainly time to get Cohoon up to St. Lucie and see if he can handle the FSL.

  2. Mr.J


    Do you think Cohoon is the type of pitcher with underwhelming stuff who knows how to pitch…and therefore might dominate the lower levels but struggle the higher he goes?

    Or is he a legitimate prospect we should start talking about?

    1. mark4212

      I actually emailed this to Toby last week, because i hadn’t heard anything about him but looked at his Minor league stats and he dominated Brooklyn and has been unhittable in Savannah.

      Here is what i asked:
      I haven’t asked earlier because I wanted to see him play a little more to get a sample size but can you give some sort of scouting report on Mark Cohoon. I can’t seem to find any sort of scouting report online that i can’t read for free, even a snippet to see if he’s a real time prospect or someone who’s talent will catch up with him at the higher levels like a Toby Stoner. His time in Brooklyn was great and he is off to another superb start in Savannah this season. He wasn’t in your Top 41, so I don’t know what to think. He is a lefty so I know you can get away with less of the Physical Talent then a righty.

      Thanks for all your great work and keeping us mets fans in check about our prospects.

      Here is what Toby Said:
      Cohoon’s a lefty with nice feel who’s had a great start to the year. He can throw both his breaking ball and his changeup for strikes, which is more than enough to keep SAL hitters off-balance. I’ve come around on lefties with feel, that is, I like them more than I used to. And yet, his fastball is mid-80s and that’s a tough way to make a living in the big leagues. On the other hand, he’ll pitch in the upper minors for sure. I’d like to see what his recent gun readings look like… He’s a lefty, but I understand the Stoner comparison.

      I didn’t know if he was a lefty or a right, and not being known i figured a righty because lefties can get by with less dominate stuff. Him being a lefty gives me a little more that he can still perform in the higher minors.

  3. NickM

    St. Lucie is calling……

    for pretty much the entire Savannah staff. At least 1 spot should be opened; Scott Moviel is pretty useless.

    1. Not4Nuttin

      That was my initial thought too, Nick. But then again, lets consider last year’s Savannah staff. They were dominant (well Familia, Allen and Carson were) last year in the Sally, but none have fared too well as yet in A+ ball (though we are starting to see some signs for Allen and Carson).

      That said, all other things being equal, both Moore and Cohoon seem ready to move up and be challenged with A+ hitting

      1. NateW

        Cohoon could be comparable to Antonini… who blazed through the SAL and the FSL in 2008 only to hit a wall in AA.

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