Mejia and Thole Update

B-injury-red-crossMets Manager Mako Oliveras provided some updates after Thursday night’s game on some of the missing B-Mets.

On Josh Thole: “he’s gonna be about two weeks, maybe less,” Oliveras said.

With respect to Jenrry Mejia, Oliveras explained that the Mets are just managing the 19 year old’s innings and the team is, “giving him a chance to rest his arm.”  To date, Mejia has thrown 72 innings between St. Lucie and Binghamton.  Last year, Mejia threw 71.2 innings in the GCL and the New York Penn League.  Mejia has averaged just over five innings a start in AA.  If he came back in the middle of July and made six more starts, he could end up 30 innings over his previous year’s total and in the relative safe zone for innings increases, at least according to the Verducci Effect.

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  1. WC

    Very smart, regarding Mejia. Unfortunate timing for you, and us, but they need to treat that arm like solid gold. Except less malleable.

  2. Chip Armonaitis

    The Verducci effect is way overrated. Sometimes the conclusion molds the question.

    I have a lot of respect for his writing, but…. this just does not make sense to me.

    Maybe the minor leaguers should be more interested in … stretching guys out by allowing them to throw longer in starts with more rest in between.

    Because – from a METS fans perspective – the minors are only there to develop people, not win games.

    1. Meddler

      The science behind the “Verducci Effect” in particular may be bunk, but that doesn’t mean there’s no relationship between innings jumps and physical problems. I think it would be more appropriately titled the “Dusty Baker Effect”.

  3. NateW

    While I agree with an innings limit around 100, but I don’t understand giving pitchers a vacation mid-season. Just pitch him reasonably until he gets to his limit and then shut him down. Pitching longer into each season makes more sense as a development technique then simply adding innings spaces out around rest. So long as there is no tired arm, or pain, I’d say let him go back out there now.

  4. dmc

    That makes waaaay too much sense. This is the Mets we’re talking about after all.
    And MLB for that matter, too: All-Star game, anyone? “Remember, this time it counts.”

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