Mets Left Out on High Profile Lefties?

dollar-signLast week, we discussed the fact that the Mets had met with Japanese LHP Yusei Kikuchi and Cuban LHP Aroldis Chapman.  Both young pitchers were coveted for their ability to throw in the mid-upper 90s.  Now, it appears that neither will be a Met in the foreseeable future.

As quoted by NPBtracker, Kikuchi will begin his professional career in Japan, although he made clear that he hopes to compete in MLB someday, “I want to be given the chance to play in Japan…for now I’m closing the door to the Majors, and after becoming a top pitcher in Japan I want to take on the world.”

Meanwhile, two Mets beat writers believe that the price for Chapman will be too rich for the Mets.  On Friday, David Lennon of Newsday tweeted,

If the price for Aroldis Chapman gets to $40-$60 M, as some have speculated, forget the #Mets. They have no desire to get into that range.

The New York Post’s Bart Hubbach, who has been very skeptical of the Mets ability to spend heavily this winter, tweeted on Sunday,

The Mets won’t be pursuing Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman after being told he wants up to $60 million to sign.

Meanwhile, according to Jon Heyman, the Yankees, in an effort to impress Chapman, invited him to the Stadium for Sunday night’s ALCS game 6 with the Angels.  Heyman does not indicate that the Mets are out of the bidding for Chapman despite describing the Yankees and Red Sox as “gearing up for a battle.”  Heyman points out that the Mets bid $39 million on Daisuke Matsuzaka’s posting fee, although the Sox beat them out with their $51 million bid.

Will Chapman really command $60 million? That’s a lot of pretty pennies, especially given Cuban pitchers’ failure to live up to their hype.  Alay Soler anyone?

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  1. NickM

    I think they did fine but not doing anything. Kikuchi is the guy I wanted, but unfortunately he decided to stick in Japan. Chapman is over-hyped and I feel sorry for the team that gives him $40-60M.

    Any bets hes a ML reliever in a few years?

    1. mark4212

      That’s exactly what i said in a post to metsblog.

      They are 100% justified in bowing out at 60 million for a minor leaguer, which is essentially what he is. Yes he throws 100MPH, but by all scouting he has not secondary pitches, ala Mr. Parnell. 100MPH can only get you so far in the majors. He will need to develop consistent 2nd, 3rd and 4th pitches to be successful. Ask Mr. Holt what only having one Plus Plus pitch and it being a fastball gets you in AA.

      He’s an immense talent, and one I’d love to pull for in the Mets farm system, But he’s far from a sure thing, and 60 million is money you can spend on a Proven MLB pitcher this offseason like John Lackey.

  2. NickM

    just a quick heads up for tonight: mejia is the scheduled starter.. i believe the game will have pitch f/x since its in peoria .. game should start around 9:30ish I think..

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