Rubin: VP Tony Bernazard challenges Binghamton Mets to Fight

In a story that he’s been pursuing for a while, Adam Rubin this morning wrote an abolute must-read about Mets VP Tony Bernazard’s behavior:

VP for player development Tony Bernazard removed his shirt and challenged the Double-A players to a fight during a postgame tirade, multiples sources told the Daily News.

Bernazard particularly went after middle infield prospect Jose Coronado, using a slang term associated with a woman’s anatomy, a source indicated.

GM Omar Minaya acknowledged Bernazard spoke to the B-Mets in a “stern voice,” but said he had no knowledge of the scope being portrayed.

“I know he did have a team meeting with them,” Minaya told the Daily News. “It was not a ‘you-guys-have-been-great meeting.’ I know he spoke to them in a stern voice. But as far as what he was wearing, what kind of shoes he was wearing, I don’t know anything about that.”

This is hardly the only clubhouse tirade from Bernazard this year, but it’s the one that most clearly crosses the line.  Remember, the players held a players-only meeting in the days after the alleged incident.

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  1. mark4212

    How does he still have a job… I work for a big billion dollar organization. If I or anyone did that, let alone to a room full of kids 19-22 years old (they would be interns in my case) we would be removed from our position within the week.

    This guy does it and Omar makes a joke “oh they don’t tell me what shoe’s he’s wearing” and he’s going to get off with no penalty.

    I want to get a high management job with a NY franchise that isn’t the Giants or Devils…. I mean Isiah Thomas was a mess and had a job for the better part of the decade. Tony B. The Rangers, Islanders… all dysfunctional. Why are the NY teams blessed with such sloppy organizations, from top to bottom.

    I love the Mets. But if this guy keeps his job something is terribly wrong with the Wilpons.

    1. ravin108


      the mets, for as long as I’ve been a mets fan, have been a soap opera on and off the field. I have no clue whats special about Bernazard to make him worth this trouble. Someone like me can only dream of being able to do a job like his yet it seems that in NY sports, you get jobs based on corrupt antics and not talent.

      I wrote this yesterday even before this story broke. Fire Tony Bernazard and hire someone who will represent the organization with class and also show that they have an idea of what they are doing.

  2. Mets17

    I pin this all on the WIlpons, they are complete jokes as owners. It just makes me mad how there is nothing as fans that we can do, we are stuck with are incompetent owners. And Mark I completely agree with you as a Mets. Jets, Islanders and Knicks fan, The Wilpons, Woody Johnson, Charles Wang and James Dolan are as bad as it gets when it comes to leadership and ownership of the jokes of franchises. You know its bad when Woody Johnson is the best on a list of owners.

    1. mark4212

      I feel for you Man.. I am at least a Giants fan. I don’t have a real Hockey affiliation but being 10 miles from the Meadowlands I;ve always leaned Devils. At least i had them 2 always to keep me from going insane.

      How do the build a multi million dollar, and frankly beautiful and super state of the art, facility in Florham Park, NJ only to hire a coach to move the summer camp far far away. That’s just how ridiculous it gets with ownership. But nobody expected any less.

      But the rest of NY is a mess. Throw the Yankees in also. Even though they have been successful, they only were because MLB suspended George, and the ownership in-place while he was suspended ran the organization properly. While he did a good job building the value of the franchise, him and his sons the last 2 years, have been as clueless as any other ownership.


      I don’t know all of the other sports like Lacross, MLS, but one can assume they are run just as retardedly.

      1. Crazy Eddie

        Really? Moving the training camp to a more remote location is burning you that much? It would be a bad owners choice to limit his coach that much.

        It is not comparable to the hilarious disgrace that Bernazard is. I think he should be fired and Toby made the VP of player development.

      2. mark4212

        It didn’t burn me that much. I’m not a Jets fan. But knowing lots of Jets fans, they were psyched that the new training facility was so close to them and that they would possibly get to go to the training camp. Then the coach moved it and now they most likely won’t get a chance to attend. And it made them upset.

        As a giants fan i could care less. The Giants train in Albany and have for the last 10 years.

  3. NateW

    Unfortunately its more likely that Minaya gets fired on recommendation from Tony B., than Tony B. himself gets fired. He seems to be the Wilpon’s best guy, which says a lot about the Wilpons.

  4. Great Scott

    Not to defend Bernazard but has anyone else noticed that Adam Rubin’s coverage of the Mets has changed in the last few weeks. He seems to be looking for dirt and trying to get back page cover stories.
    I always enjoyed Rubin’s coverage because he also writes for Baseball America.
    But why has Rubin gone so negative all the time, even more than the rest of the newspapers.

    Omar needs to announce publicly that he is going to investigate the Bernazard allegation and take appropriate action.
    At the least Bernazard should be made to take an anger management class.
    This is what big companies would do first before dismissing an employee.

    1. Displaced Mets Fan

      I agree — I was somewhat taken aback with how harsh Rubin was the other week with his the “Mets are a complete and utter mess” article. Then followed up with being the only person (that I saw) to report the Bernezard tirade with the scout in the seat and now this… maybe Heyman was on to something yesterday with Francessa when he said some papers have their issues with certain folks.

      Either way, organization should investigate and respond in a clear, concise, uncontradictory and deliberate fashion. Too bad they are inept at clarity, unable to be concise, inherently contradictory and seemingly willing to consistently act on a whim. Let’s hope they surprise us all and handle this one properly.

    2. Chip Armonaitis

      Why did Rubin go all negative? This took place before the All-Star break. Rubin probably heard about it, and has been checking his sources to confirm prior to running. In the interim, his other story comes out, somewhat influenced by his knowledge that has not been made public yet.

      1. Displaced Mets Fan

        I don’t think he is saying that Rubin was making it up — just that Rubin recently has put out several negative pieces (both “stories” and columns) which have been fairly negative about the organization — rightfully or wrongfully — and has taken a particular tone which I have not see in other beat writers of columnists.

        In fact, I would almost bet you are right — he heard, had to check sources, investigae and make sure he was doing him job with journalistic integrity. Yet, we all have our biases and he seems to be wearing his current bias on his sleeve.

  5. Mets17

    The one constant with the Mets mess is the Wilpons. They are the problem, they want to be an intricate part of the decision making but they just get in the way, if you want to be George Steinbrenner then act more like it and fire people who make a joke out of this organization. I would gut the team and fire everyone and hire a young mind from the Marlins, Rays or Red Sox and let him make all the decisions

  6. Not4Nuttin

    I am no Bernazard fan. In fact, I don’t like him. But any time I read a newspaper story, I take it with a grain of salt. I may be jaded, but I have found that a reporter will write his story regardless of what the actual facts are. I have no reason to doubt that Bernazard actually did all this, but probably more because I don’t like him much.

    Now, if this were a guy that many of us liked and thought highly of, we may have a different view on whether he should be fired for it. Rebuked, yes. Suspended . . maybe, but probably not. Fired, probably not.

    Bernazard’s title is VP of Player Development, right? Well that right there is more than sufficient basis for firing the dude. If he is the guy directly in charge of developing players, can him! But it appears he is a favorite of Jeff Wilpon’s (if we can believe what we read), so maybe it will take this inappropriate behavior to finally get the Mets to act against Bernazard.

  7. WC

    Bernazard has been the favorite punching bag of the NY media for a while now. Most Mets fans are now convinced he’s satan incarnate.

    It’s amazing how the media can latch on to an assistant GM and still give passes to an idiot manager.

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