Sunday Prospect Reading: Mejia, Davis and NL East 1B

In The Star Ledger, Brian Costa writes about Jenrry Mejia’s unusual path into baseball and his former job shining shoes. 

No doubt, Mejia’s a cool story right now. 

Mike Vaccaro dreams about Mejia and Davis and writes that in spring training:

“You are permitted to dream. Some would say required to.”

This one should be decided in a few years.  Morrison hit for less power than Davis, but showed a lot more strike zone control, walking 63 times and striking out just 46 times in 79 games at AA last year.  Still, usually to be an impact 1B, you gotta hit the ball out of the yard.  Freeman, who was just 19 last year, ripped in the FSL (.302/.394/.447) but struggled in AA (.248/.308/.342).  He appears to be at least a year behind Davis, but also makes more contact  (19 K, 11 BB in 41 G at AA). 

There is one comment

  1. NickM

    Its a tough choice; each have their own benefits – Davis seems like the best power option, Morrison the best strikezone control, and Freeman has the age factor. If I had to pick though, damn this is so difficult, but I like Morrison just slightly over Freeman. I know he doesn’t project to be a power guy (15-20 HR?) but the plate discipline, especially what he showed in AA, really intrigues me. As for Freeman, I’m just not entirely sold on how much he’ll walk or how much power he projects to have, though he does have 2 years of age on both Davis and Morrison.

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