Sunday Snipets

Eddie Kunz is headed to the MLB bullpen as John Maine moves to the DL. I’ve got a Kunz feature on a modification he made that has improved his control that I will post Monday morning.  Kunz, when I saw him this week sat 93-95 with “heavy, nasty sink” said one scout.  His slider has a short, tight break.  He’ll be effective against righties now.  He’ll have a tougher time against lefties since he works out of a very low arm slot.

Valentino Pascucci hit three homers for New Orleans Saturday night.

Scott Moviel gave up five runs on eight hits in four innings in a Savannah loss.

I’m heading to Staten Island to see Brad Holt throw for the Cyclones this evening.

There are 3 comments

  1. NateW

    well lookie lookie, Shawn Bowman is playing 1B for Bingy today.
    Carp is in LF and Peterson is DHing so this is by choice. Very nice.

  2. big baby

    kunz looked pretty decent today. his fastball has some serious movement to it.

    if he wants to consistently get non-david newhan lefties out, he’s going to need to be able to throw a breaking ball for a strike, and pitch his fastball inside.

    him and dan murphy definitely look like major leaguers though.

  3. metsman0709

    I have heard that Brad Holt’s fastball is major league ready. Due to the Mets recent bullpen struggles and Billy Wagner’s injury, do you think that Brad Holt would be able to pitch out of the bullpen in the big leagues this season? Are his secondary pitches developed enough to keep hitters off balance?

    I don’t many other viable bullpen options in the Mets system right now.

    As always good work Toby!

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