Terrasas on Zach Dotson

Steven Matz was not the only impressive lefty the Mets signed as the deadline approached Monday night.  The team went out and spent $500,000 on 13th rounder Zach Dotson out of Georgia.

Mets Director of Amateur Scouting Rudy Terrassas on Dotson:

He’s a big strong, physical lefty.  He’s about 6’3” about 210 lbs.  His fastball has as good a life, and I’ve been scouting for 27 years, as I’ve ever seen.  It’s in that 88-92 range.  He’s got a feel a feel for the changeup, and he’ll flash you a pretty good breaking ball.  I’m real excited about him, just like I’m real excited about Steven Matz –  two lefthanders like that, that are young that have good stuff – they have good upside, both of those guys.

We saw him as a junior, we had him in a tryout camp, and that was the first thing I noticed – he had really good life on his fastball.  We saw him this year, right before the draft and we had him in a workout right before the draft, matter of fact, we had him here in Citi Field and he impressed everyone again

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  1. theperfectgame

    I think it’d be neat to rerank the draft based on contract size. It’s not perfect, but I think it would paint a clearer picture of the draft than looking at draft position. For instance, based on draft position, the Mets’ top 2 picks were Steven Matz and Robbie Shields. Based on the money, the Mets’ top 2 picks were Matz and Zach Dotson.

    1. theperfectgame

      I just found signing bonus info on the first 94 picks of the ’07 draft (rounds 1, 1a, and 2). Here’s the Top 5 based on draft position:

      1. David Price
      2. Mike Moustakas
      3. Josh Vitters
      4. Daniel Moskos
      5. Matt Weiters

      And here’s the Top 5 based on bonus:

      1. Matt Weiters
      2. David Price
      3. Mike Moustakas
      4. Rick Porcello
      5. Andrew Brackman

      I’m seriously contemplating subscribing to BA, just to get a peek at the historical signing bonus data. I dunno, I think it’s interesting.

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