The Giants Miss Their Playmakers

After averaging nearly 30 points per game through their first 12 contests, the profilic New York Football Giants offense has produced a mere 22 points in the last two games.  Two of those points came on a safety, so the offense has contributed a mere ten points per game in their last two efforts.

The explanation is simple: the best Giants are not on the field.  Sunday night, the offense badly missed Plaxico Burress, Brandon Jacobs and in the second half, linemen Rich Seubert and Kareem McKenzie.


At running back, the dropoff from Brandon Jacobs to Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw makes the team less physically imposing.  No back in the league finishes runs the way Jacobs does and few backs are as hard to bring down after contact.  Jacobs ability to fight for extra yards creates much more favorable play-calling decisions on subsequent downs.  On a 2nd and 5 for example, the Giants play action pass game will be much more potent (and deceptive) than after an ineffectual first down play.  Eli Manning excels with the playfake. Also, the playfake, which primarily targets the opposing linebackers, is particularly effective in freeing a tight end, who is usually covered by linebackers.  Ask Kevin Boss about this, he’s caught just two passes, total, in the last two games.


Plaxico Burress was the Giants deep threat and his absence creates a nasty domino effect in coverage schemes.  Against a team like the Cowboys, Terrence Newman would have covered Burress, who would have caught his fair share of balls.  That would created nice matchups on the other side for Dominik Hixon, Amani Toomer and Steve Smith.  Without Burress to suck up the opponent’s best corner, and with the linebackers freed from the threat of Jacobs, Hixon, Toomer and Smith have been unable to get open regularly.  Surprising?  Hardly.  As a baseball scout might ask, where are the plus tools among that group?


It appeared to me that whoever the Cowboys lined up across from Kevin Boothe, who was subbing for Kareem McKenzie, won the matchup.  Moreover, the Giants had to put Kevin Boss in the area to help out, limiting their play-calling options even further.

On defense, once teams double-team Justin Tuck, as the Cowboys did Sunday night, who else is going to step up and bring the pressure?

Also, I recommend for non-stop G-men coverage.

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  1. sidewinder2

    very lame – blaming injuries for the loss. they got beat, deal with it.

    EVERY team has injuries

    did you mention dallas is without:

    pro bowl safety roy williams
    pro bowl punter matt mcbriar
    starting left gaurd kyle kosier
    on his way to rookie of the year felix jones

    all these guys have been out for a long time and out for the rest of the year

    plus, pro bowler marion barber barely played and when he did, he was playing on one leg

    pathetic article. and why is this nonesense even on a mets minor league site?

    1. Meddler

      Get over yourself, its a BLOG, Toby can write whatever he wants to write, if you don’t like it don’t read. And its not like it was like he was whining about how it was unfair. It was a legitimate analysis of how the lack of some key personnel lead other areas of the team to collapse. Just because the Cowboys had injuries too, that means we can’t talk about how the injuries the Giants had effected their game? Please. I don’t even like football much, and I still love reading stuff like this, its stuff a casual football fan wouldn’t necessarily understand and its an interesting example of how lacking at one position can expose other weaknesses.

  2. Not4Nuttin

    Each of the three Giants losses this year were for the same reason – the other team came out far more aggressively than the Giants. In each case, the other team needed it more than the Giants and just seemed to want it more. (And, parenthetically, the Eagles looked far more impressive against the Gints than the Cowboys did).

    And despite being a whiney cowboy fan, he is right that all teams have injuries. And all teams that win must overcome them. Of course, he chooses to ignore other Giant injuries, like Osi in addition to the ones you cited..

    But I sense that your post was really more about trying to explain why the Giants haven’t scored in the past two games. And one other point of fact. The Giants’ offense has not scored 20 points, as 7 came on the blocked FG last week). Think they will turn it around the last two games of the year, but will take considerably better execution out of the O-Line and WR’s especially.

    1. sidewinder2

      yeah, im a whiny cowboys fan. F – u a-hole

      hyde (and you) are the whiny b*tches

      i NEVER use injuries as an excuse, and only listed them because hyde was whiny.

      mouth jacobs is nothing but a 260 lb p*ssy who’s always hurt

      everyone knows last year was a fluke. your done

      1. Not4Nuttin

        I’m guessing you are about 16 years old. While I’d love to banter with you some more – like asking when the last time the Cowboys won a playoff game? – I tend not to bother with teenagers who are typically so naive and incapable of carrying on a meaningful dialogue, without resorting to mindless curses and insults.

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