Things I’ve Been Reading

Ted Berg does a really nice job explaining why most of the pitchers that fans and writers have compared Jenrry Mejia to, are lousy proxies for the Mets own young’un. 

At BA, Adam Rubin writes about the fact that Jerry Manuel has changed his mind on Jenrry Mejia.  When Manuel saw Mejia in the AFL, he thought Mejia didn’t yet have the control to pitch in the bigs….. and now a few spring training innings later, the skipper has changed his mind. 
How robust a decision-making process is that?

At BP, Kevin Goldstein takes a look at how well he predicted each team’s system’s development last year, and who’s likely to be the #1 prospect next year.  Mejia, his top prospect, didn’t even “get odds” coming into the year, but he likes the 7th overall pick in next June’s draft to be the Mets top prospect at this time next winter.  He also gives odds to Wilmer Flores, Ike Davis and Kirk Nieuwenhuis. 
I think Davis will use up his prospect eligibility this summer, but if he doesn’t he won’t look good enough as a prospect to merit the top spot.  

Sweet first day of the NCAAs, huh? 

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  1. theperfectgame

    Are you and KG buddies, Toby? What I’m really asking is, would he (and/or BP) be cool with it if you re-posted the Mets section of that article in full on your site? After the Arizona section, it’s “subscriber only” content. If only New York started with an “A”, then we’d be the lucky ones getting the free sample. Stupid alphabet…

    1. Toby Hyde

      I consider KG a buddy, but there’s some kind of line between linking, excerpting and violating copyright. I’d probably be ok if I posted the Mets section only, but … yeah, that Alphabet’s a bitch.

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