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  1. NateW

    The only thing about Mac that looks like a hall of famer is the 583 homers. Everything else is very pedestrian for the HOF. I’d suggest that without the 500 homer threshold that he wouldn’t make it in even if he was proven clean.

    Looking at his seasons he really had six or seven HOF worthy seasons out of 15 (about the same as Mattingly) and two of those are based around the tainted home run record chase. Looking at his numbers before 1995 there is very little to point to that suggests he is even worthy of a HOF discussion. Unfortunately he did seem to start coming around in 1992, so its a real shame he did use for the rest of his career because he may well still have been one of the better players in the game over that stretch. Its a shame.

    1. mark4212

      I”d agree that he’s a borderliner like Mattingly…

      To me the Steroids argument shouldn’t come up when thinking about the Hall of Fame anymore. It’s been proven that so many players, both pitchers and hitters, were on steroids that it shouldn’t matter. What they should do is throw out the old milestones, ala 500 HR, 3000 hits, 300 wins, K’s….etc…. because with steroids extending careers productively into their late 30’s sometimes early 40’s made a ton of those reachable.

      They should just sit down and say was this player truely a great player during this era, and put them in, A quick list of who on the steroid list should be in, easily Bonds, and Clemens… I’d lean towards no for Sosa, Mac, Palmero as they didn’t dominate for long enough.

    1. mark4212

      Well the funny thing is the reasoning that these guys use… It didn’t help me hit more home runs, it only helped me stay healthy and get healthy…(if the added strength didn’t indeed help him not one bit)

      Well then Mark, it did indeed make you hit more home runs. Because if your not on the field because you are injured, your not hitting any home runs. So instead of Mashing 560 Homers you would have ended in the 300 range, and been knows as one of the best home run hitters when you were healthy, which tragically you couldn’t do….. See Mr. Ken Griffey Jr, who by all accounts did it cleanly, on his own ability, and would have shattered numbers and put up all time great numbers without the inflated stats of the steroid era hanging over his head. He could have done steroids to indeed only get and stay healthy, and his statistics would have been mind boggling.

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