BA, & Newsday Diss the Mets Draft

mlb-draft-2009It’s unanimous thus far among draftniks, no one liked the Mets 2009 draft.

Ken Davidoff in Newsday does an excellent job by getting some inside information into the Mets failure to sign sixth round pick David Buchanan:

In Buchanan’s case, the Mets knew before drafting him that the young man wanted a $200,000 signing bonus, not outrageous (albeit over slot). Yet by the time they bid $185,000 this past week, Buchanan already had moved into his residence at Georgia State, secured loans and grants and taken a team photo. At that point, he wasn’t going to accept an offer he probably would have taken in July.

In other words, the Mets’ own ineptitude — and nothing else — cost themselves another pitching prospect.

Emphasis added.  The first piece of Davidoff’s article, an interview with UZR creator Mitchel Lichtman is a very worthwhile read as well.

Writing for Baseball America, John Manuel dissected the draft’s winners and losers and placed the Mets in the “Losers” camp.

While the cross-town Yankees spend money like nobody’s business in the draft, the Mets toe the line. …. The Mets failed to sign their fifth- and sixth-rounders, and only had two players—Matz and 13th-round pick Zach Dotson, a Georgia prep lefty signed for $500,000—who signed for as much as the Yankees gave their 44th-round pick. No large-revenue team uses its money less in the draft than the Mets.

Emphasis added.  Joining the Mets on the losers list were the Rangers, Rays, Blue Jays and Rays first-rounder Levon Washington, who didn’t sign with the Rays.

At, Keith Law ranked the teams’ draft performances and placed the Mets 2nd worst behind the Blue Jays.

… The half-million-dollar bonus went to Zack Dotson, a high school lefty from Georgia with a good curveball, an average fastball with some life and a bad delivery. In a new stadium in the majors’ biggest media market, the Mets shouldn’t be bringing up the rear in draft budgets, but they are.

Emphasis added.  Law’s bottom five teams in terms of draft performance were the Jays, Mets, Rangers, Rays and Braves.