KLaw Chat: Nieve & Mejia

A couple of Mets nuggets yesterday from the always entertaining Keith Law:

Bhav (NYC) :  What’s the deal with Fernando Nieve? Is he for real, or do Woland and Korovyev have something to do with his luck?
Keith Law: He’s got a decent arm, could be a fifth starter for the Mets, but mostly he’s been lucky.
Jack (Chicago): Is Jenrry Mujia (sic) another overhyped NY prospect? 19 years old, solid numbers in AA.
Keith Law : I haven’t seen him, so I’m not saying he is or isn’t as good as the hype, but I remember when they kept telling us Deolis Guerra was the next big thing.

Update 5:20: I wanted to add a little depth to Keith Law’s remark that Nieve has been lucky and the coversation that’s developed in the comment section. Fernando Nieve has given up a BABIP of .172. That’s ridiculously low. Most pitchers work in the .300 range.