Friday Links

Things I’ve read recently that I’ve liked.

– At Amazin’ Avenue, Jeff Paternostro finished up his series on the best Mets prospects he saw in person this year with Cesar Puello and Brandon Nimmo grabbing the top two spots among position players and Rafael Montero and Steven Matz doing the same in the pitching category. (Note: Jeff missed Syndergaard in 2013. Tough luck).

ESPN’s Mark Simon thinks that of all of the players active in the 2013 World Series, Red Sox SS Stephen Drew is the guy most likely to be a Met in 2014.

Baseball (Big Picture)
ERA + and minus
Sky Kalkman has a strong critique of ERA+ which is not linear. He argues for the use of ERA- or a modified ERA+. He storified a twitter rant about it. So, no more ERA+ (for me).

Rob and I have discussed “Clutch” a couple of times recently on the podcast. Tom Tango argues that clutch exists, but because “it’s very hard to detect,… it’s there. At the same time, because it’s hard to detect, it really doesn’t change the managerial decision-making proces…”

Perhaps the best longish thing I’ve read on the subject is Tom Tango’s piece from 2009 at the old Hardball Times. Tango asked fans to identify “clutch” players. When fans as a group identified clutch players as a group, they selected players who did perform better in high leverage situations BUT (and it’s a big but) their performance improved by less than the ordinary platoon advantage.


The Head Trauma in Football Series at MMQB was outstanding.

Discourse on the Otter is wonderful, adorable and most importantly full of otters.

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