Friday Links: MLB Rankings, Apartments in the Outfield and Working Overtime

Link– In a combined project, Jim Bowden, Buster Olney and Keith Law placed the Mets #11 in their MLB Future Power Rankings. The aggressive ranking, above say, the Yankees, Orioles, Rays and A’s, all playoff teams in recent years, reflects the Mets rotation’s potential behind a healthy Harvey, Wheeler and Syndergaard and depth beyond.

Olney for one, is already rethinking the rankings as he wrote that the Cubs, at #7 are too high, because they aren’t spending yet.

– The Lansing Lugnuts are planning, with the City of Lansing on a $22 million project that would put a series of apartments immediately beyond the outfield walls, which is cool.

– There’s a baseball angle to President Obama’s proposal to expand overtime protections┬áto professional workers. No minor league front office staffs – where 80 hour+ hour weeks are the norm during home stands receive overtime as they are currently classified as exempt. It’s possible the enforcement of the new rules would change the salary structure for minor league and low-level MLB front office employees.

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