Links: 51s’ New Groundskeeper, Goeddel’s New Role, Dom Smith Singles

Link– The Las Vegas 51s have a new groundskeeper, which hopefully will improve the condition of the infield, which was bad in recent years. (Vorkunov, The Star-Ledger)

– After a four-year hiatus, Adam Rubin is back writing about the Mets for Baseball America. He discussed Erik Goeddel, who was a reliever in college, transitioning back to the bullpen as a professional.

– Dominic Smith picked up an infield single in his first MLB Spring Training action Saturday.

– The Jenrry Mejia to the bullpen idea will not die, but now the Mets are pairing it with the notion that it will help him return to the starting rotation. Here’s an idea: if he’s better than Daisuke Matsuzaka and John Lannan (and he is) put him in the starting rotation to begin the year.

– John Harper in the Daily News thinks the Mets should trade some (young) pitching for some young hitting.

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