Links on Reese Havens, Josh Edgin, Brandon Nimmo and Michael Fulmer

Ted Berg suggests that the Mets should call up Chris Schwinden and Reese Havens.

No doubt Schwinden’s coming up.  The only thing with Havens is that if the goal is to get him more at-bats, he might play more in the Arizona Fall League than in September in the big leagues. It’s unusual to do both.


Adam Rubin profiles hard-throwing lefty Josh Edgin in this week’s Farm Report at ESPNNY.

I’ve been high on Edgin for a while and we’ll have some video on Edgin coming up on here soon. When I saw him in St. Lucie over the weekend, he was throwing 92-93.  


Steve Sidoti at 7 Train to Shea, talked to a GCL opponent of Brandon Nimmo and Michael Fulmer, who seemed most impressed by Nimmo’s speed.

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