Links: Thor is not Scared of Vegas, Gant at Home

Link– Noah Syndergaard is not scared of pitching in Las Vegas, “This is a tough league to pitch in, but there are a lot of tough ballparks in the big leagues to pitch in….It can’t be much different.” (Ray Brewer, Las Vegas Sun)


– Savannah native,  RHP John Gant, will start for the Gnats on Friday night. His family moved to Florida when he was 11 years old, but Savannah is home, “I love the marsh and the water. I’ve got to be near water.” (Nathan Dominitz, Savannah Morning News)

– Baseball America has a followup on the suit former minor leaguers are bringing against their former teams which alleges that baseball teams collude to violate the Federal Labor Standards Act and state labor laws by paying well below minimum wage.

Former labor lawyer and Stanford professor Bill Gould seems to see change coming, “This is the sleeping giant in terms of employees in baseball,” Gould said. (Josh Levanthal, Baseball America)

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