Non HR Derby Links: Collin McHugh, More Walks and College Money

– Stay Back.
Collin McHugh writes about the struggle to “stay back” in his physically and mentally upon his promotion to Buffalo. I hope for his sake that he has a long and successful career. If that doesn’t happen, he could just write about about baseball, or whatever the hell he was into. I’d surely read it.

– More Walks, More Better
At Amazin’ Avene, Rob Castellano crunches the numbers and learns that the Mets minor leaguers are walking more than than they did a year ago.

– The NCAA is Broken
In case you hadn’t heard, the NCAA’s financial model is broken. The University of Maryland is planning to cut seven teams.  Cal did not drop several sports, but baseball, women’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s gymnastics and rugby are now being asked to become financially “independent.” Hint: it’s impossible. From the Cal article: “Nationally, men’s gymnastics programs average $33,000 in annual revenue and $540,000 in expenses.” Lest you think these two schools are anomalies, they’re not, “In 2009-10, only  22 of the 228 Division I public schools covered their expenses.”

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