Savannah Sand Gnats Season in Review

At Amazin’ Avenue, Rob Castellano writes about the 2011 version of the Sand Gnats.  It’s on the whole a very strong piece.

He goes through most of the major prospects on the team.  I’m probably much higher on Aderlin Rodriguez than he is.  The power is real, but as Rob points out, everything else is not.

Perhaps my favorite line is, “I like to think of Huchingson as Darin Gorski Jr.”  I just don’t get it.  They are both tall, slender lefthanders.  After that, the comparison falls apart for me.  They work out of very different windups, get batters out in different ways, and have very different pedigrees.  Gorski, a 7th round pick in 2009, was supposed to be good, Huchingson was a non-drafted free agent.

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