Stuff I’m Reading: $/Win, King, Flood and Suits

– At Beyond the Box Score, Lewie Pollis adapts a piece of his college thesis to do new research on the price of a win on the open market. He comes up with a number of $7 million. This is really, really important as it should influence the evaluation of signings and trades. The old $5 million per win had been feeling extremely dated.

– At Amazin Avenue, Jeff Paternostro writes about how much he likes Mets’ fifth-round pick Jared King.

Patrick Flood, who used to write for this very network, writes about the experience of blogging and baseball. It, like everything Patrick wrote, is well worth reading, and surely deserves a bigger audience than it will receive.

– There is a tumblr dedicated to Craig Sager’s suits. It’s just as awesome and colorful as you would expect and hope.

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