Top 41: 41-43 Brooklyn Arms – Gabriel Ynoa, Luis Cessa and Matt Koch

After getting burned going ga-ga over Brad Holt in Brooklyn a few years ago, I’ve become very conservative about ranking a pitching prospect coming out of the short-season league without a plus pitch or two.


#41 – RHP Matt Koch

Bats/Throws: Left/Right
Height/Weight:  6’3”/185
Acquired:  3rd round 2012 (Louisville)
Born:  November 2, 1990 (Cherokee, IA)
2012 Rank: NR
Why Ranked Here: He was a third-round pick in the 2012 draft, and that carries a little bit of weight. It’s important to note, and this will come up again on these rankings, that the restrictions on signing bonuses have removed some of the signaling strength of early-round picks because teams try to save money against their bonus pools at various points in the process. Oh, and Koch throws hard. I missed him in 2012, but pre-draft per Baseball America, supposedly he threw 92-95 and could touch 97.
2012: Koch did not have a really good debut in his 13 outings for Brooklyn.
Dr. Pangloss Says:
8th inning guy.
Debbie Downer Says: Sure, a 5.01 ERA in Brooklyn, and below average secondary offerings? I’ll see you a AA 7th inning man.
Projected 2013 Start: Savannah
MLB Arrival: 2015

2012 NYP5.0213/223.33251313171932
2012 NYP2.




#42 – RHP Luis Cessa

Cessa Cyclones Head

Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Height/Weight: 6’3”/190
Acquired: NDFA
Born: April 25, 1992 (Cordoba, Veracruz, MX)
2012 Rank: NR | Stats
Why Ranked Here: I liked Cessa when I saw him in Brooklyn. He sat 91-92 with his fastball and mixed in 93 and 94. A converted infielder who flipped to pitching in 2011, he has a full four-pitch mix, as I wrote last June, “He showed a curveball at 74-75 mph. When he rushed it, it came out slurvily at 77 mph. Both his slider and changeup were in the 81 mph range.” I like Cessa’s size and feel for his breaking balls. Cessa’s slightly larger size, and higher arm slot push him above rotation-mate Ynoa.
2012: He finished 10th in the New York Penn League in ERA.
Dr. Pangloss Says: Major Leagues – #4 starter or middle relief.
Debbie Downer Says: Oh, sweet, a guy who struck out 5.5 batters per nine in the New York Penn League.
Projected 2013 Start: Savannah
MLB Arrival: Late 2016

2012 NYP2.4913/1372.336421204134420
2012 NYP1.


 #43 – RHP Gabriel Ynoa 

Bats/Throws:  Right/Right
Height/Weight:  6’2”/160 lbs
Acquired: NDFA
Born:  May 26, 1993 (La Vega, DR)
2012 Rank: NR | Stats
Why Ranked Here: Ynoa basically has a fastball a tick below average (I had him sitting at 90-91 in Brooklyn) and touching 93. He could spin a soft slider in for a strike and showed a below average changeup. He has decent size, but not special. His low arm slot suggests that will have trouble against lefties in the future unless his changeup becomes a big time weapon.
2012: As a 19-year old, Ynoa was among the best pitchers in the New York Penn League. His walk rate of 3.3% was good enough for third on the circuit behind only Tyler Melling and teammate Luis Mateo.
Dr. Pangloss Says: Back end starter/middle reliever
Debbie Downer Says: TINSTAAP
Projected 2013 Start: Savannah starting rotation
MLB Arrival: Mid-late 2016

2012 NYP2.2313/1376.676125191106434
2012 NYP1.