Mostly Mets pres by Caesars AC: Bartolo Colon, New Year’s Resolutions, and a full 2013 Wrap Party

Robert and I deliver the final 2013 edition of the Mostly Mets Podcast. We cover Colon, a 2013 Year in Review, New Year’s resolutions for 2014 (for the hosts and Sandy Alderson), and one final dose of One Good Thing and One Bad Thing.

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Rundown (Stuff we Talked About):
Bartolo Colon
The 2014 starting rotation
One word for 2013, and players we enjoyed (17:15)
Sandy Alderson’s New Year’s Resolutions (33:50)
What we want to see in 2014 (38:25)
Rob and Toby’s New Year’s Resolutions (40:30)
One Good Thing, One Bad Thing (43:20)
Good: Justin Tucker, Mets in good hands with Sandy Alderson
Bad: Leaving Orlando, New York Knicks

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