Mostly Mets, pres. by Caesars AC: Spring Training has arrived!

Rob and I discuss the first few days of Spring Training, Noah Syndergaard, the starting staff, and the bullpen. Also, Rob sits down with right-handed relief pitcher Jeff Walters.

Topics are below, but the most important was probably Jose Valverde wearing a hot dog jersey.
Valverde in a Hot Dog Jersey

Stuff we Talked About
Spring Training has arrived
Noah Syndergaard
The Starting Pitchers
The Bullpen
Jeff Walters interview (17:05)
Watching Nimmo, Puello, Flores
One Good Thing, One Bad Thing (31:22)


I have to agree with you, Toby, about Noah Syndergaard. First thing I thought when I heard him speak this spring was how impressed I am with his maturity. Nervous isn't the word to describe him last year, I think it was more immaturity and awkwardness. Pretty much everyone goes through that, but Noah seems to have jumped back out really quickly. It is noteworthy and combined with his talent on the field and introspection in a lot of other areas makes him very impressive. I really think he has potential to be the best of the Mets top three pitchers before all is said and done.

Ron Davis
Ron Davis

i bet other guys would of done it justice.  Willie Montez and Tito Fluetes and Julio Franco all would of been good in a hot dog uniform.

Ron Davis
Ron Davis

there is alot of filler in that uniform. lol