New Mostly Mets Podcast: Non-Tenders, Who to Trade, and Clown Managers

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Some links by way of reference to some of the things we talked about in this episode:
1. Cots compensation page at BPro for Mets contracts.
2. The original New York Post story with an anonymous source claiming the Mets would have Wright and Dickey signed to extensions by the start of the World Series.
3. A good Pirates’ prospect re-injured his ankle doing crazy Navy SEAL-led workouts during instructional league, which have been termed abusive by the players’ agents.
4. Someone, Jackie Autry, actually called Delmon Young a “class act” and then tried to backtrack.
5. William Shatner does “Rocket Man” in 1978.

Full show rundown after the jump.

Stuff we talked about:
4:00 – Non-tendering Mike Pelfrey/Andres Torres
12:25 – The A’s snapped up Chris Young… Where were the Mets?
16:00 – World Series Game 1
22:00 – The Worst Segment Ever… Things Sandy Alderson did not say: David Wright and RA Dickey will be signed to extensions by the World Series
32:00 – Best Met to Trade
Dickey vs. Niese vs. Davis
1:00:00 – The Marlins/A Clown Manager/The Worst Organization Is…
1:08:45 – One Good Thing; One Bad Thing

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