In the News- Parnell Finding His Groove

Last season Bobby Parnell set a franchise rookie record for appearances with 68.  No one would have expected Parnell to be in (AAA) Buffalo as the calendar turns to June.  In Adam Rubin’s Farm Report, on ESPNNY, Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen talks about how close Parnell is to being back up in New York:

“He’s (Parnell) making great progress.  I talked to Ricky Bones (Buffalo pitching coach) and Ken Oberkfell (Buffalo manager) yesterday. They’re recommending either Acosta or him right now if we need somebody at any time in the near future. So Bobby has really stepped it up over the last couple of weeks and found a formula where he’s able to find the same release point on all of his pitches.”

Parnell talks about what he has been working on in Buffalo:

“They said they wanted me to work on my slider, my secondary stuff. I’ve been working on it. I’m comfortable with it. Even in spring training I was comfortable with it. I think I spent too much time working on my cutter that never really developed and got away from my slider. I feel like I’m in a position now where I can compete wherever they sent me. I’m here biding my time, I guess, trying to get better each outing.”

Here is a look at how Parnell has progressed this season, especially with the increased K/rate and the decreased BB/rate:

Apr-May 10
11 17 16 9 13 15
May 13- June
7 13 1/3 10 5 1 19


Its good to see Parnell turning the corner. What is also encouraging is the organization is willing to take their time and not rush guys up to New York (except Mejia, but thats for another day to discuss). The worse thing that could have happened to Parnell was to be like a yo-yo back and forth from Buffalo to New York. Parnell has a promising future, and development of secondary offerings is vital to his development. Guys that throw in the upper 90s, are a rare and valuable commodity.

NOTE: Rubin also reports that, St. Lucie starter, Robert Carson’s fastball has been sitting at 94mph. That’s a very good thing folks!!!