Thor Reading and Video

Noah Syndergaard threw his first bullpen of Spring Training yesterday, and drew rave reviews.

Everyone has Terry Collins’ quote that he was “throwing 97 miles an hour today with a hook from hell,” but Jared Diamond at the Wall Street Journal has the followup in which Collins told his youngster, “”You’re not going to make the team throwing on the side.”

Adam Rubin at ESPN has a great honest characterization from Syndergaard of his own work,  “he spent the offseason working to upgrade his changeup. He threw eight or 10, he recalled, in Monday’s session. “I kind of impressed myself a little bit,” he said.

At Newsday, Marc Carig quotes Anthony Recker who caught the session, “Pretty much my first impression was ‘wow.’ He’s got really good stuff — great stuff. The ball jumps out of his hand, good movement on the two-seam, changeup. You don’t expect a power-arm guy that young to have a changeup like that.”

Rob Brender talked to Thor.

Bill Price in the Daily News wins the award for worst column arguing that the Mets should bring Syndergaard north.


Wow that Bill Price column was FJM worthy at times, really terrible writing.  


I saw Thor pitch in Harrisburg at the end of August (either his last or next to last outing) and his change up was a swing and miss pitch.  Granted this was AA but the Senators were way ahead of the pitch and if I remember correctly he got a couple of strikeouts looking.  I think he pitched 6 innings and gave up one hit maybe two.

I think he still needs to get better command but his stuff was so electric and he was so dominating  over the lower level of competition, I am not sure he will actually get that in the minors.  I think he will have a little bit of a setback when he comes up as hitters will be somewhat more patient and force him to throw strikes, but that is what the development of a pitcher is all about.

So much can happen (see Harvey, Matz, Mejia etc) but I think he has the talent to put it all together.  However, everyone will need to cut him some slack when he reaches the majors, because he will really have to improve his command at the highest levels.  Minor Leaguers even at AAA will not force him into throwing strikes.  I saw Wheeler and Harvey both pitch at AA and I think Thor really had the best stuff when I saw them.