#17 – RF Cesar Puello

Bats/Throws: R/Rpuello-stance-small

Height/Weight: 6’2”, 195 lbs

Acquired: NDFA (7/2/07)

Born: 4/1/91 (La Romana, DR)

Why Ranked Here: Puello was impressive in his professional debut as a 17-year old in the GCL, showing a nice swing that produced line drives to the big part of the park. He’s strong across his upper body and has solid batspeed, but wasn’t yet driving the ball consistently in games in July. That will come as he learns to use his strength. He has the range and arm to handle right.

2008: Puello’s OPS increased in every month from .537 in June to .605 in July and .867 in August. In August, he hit .357/.410/.457, walking three times and getting plunked four times in 70 AB.

Dr. Pangloss Says: Puello has a chance to grow into an everyday right-fielder.

On the Flipside: At 17, Puello is years away. He must become more patient, as he walked in just 3% of his plate appearances. The power must come for him to project as an everyday player.

Projected 2009 Start: Savannah


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  1. mrmustseetv

    I got to tell you that I like everything I’ve read about Puello. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to see him live or on film/video, but the various reports I’ve read about him make him an intriguing prospect. It’s not to say that he’s the next Wilmer Flores, but he’s got a good frame that he hasn’t grown into (though he’s not rail-thin like Flores), he make solid contact at an early age and his defense isn’t as raw as you might think for a 17 year old.

    He’s light years away from the majors as Toby mentioned and even a few years from being of any value on the trade market to fill a major-league need (if that’s what the Mets needed at the time), but Puello is definitely a prospect worth keeping an eye on.

    Between Martinez, Flores, Marte, Mejia and Puello, Omar and his staff has pulled in some solid prospect through the international free agency process. You can add Javier Rodrigues to that list as well, although he was drafted – having been born in P.R.

    If only the Mets were more agressive on the domestic drafting-side, their famr system would be top-notch.

    1. robcast23

      agree on all fronts: i feel puello is overshadowed by marte & flores even though hes definitely one to watch. instead of javier rodriguez, how about aderlin who sounds like he could step right into the flores/marte/puello class of young IFA hitters in the system

      omar is damn good at scouting/signing IFA’s but really needs to get more aggressive in the draft

      1. mrmustseetv

        Two points:

        1) You can’t give Omar most of the credit for the international scouting. Omar doesn’t really scouts any of these kids. His staff does. So you can credit Omar for hiring the right people who go out and find these kids.

        2) Aderlin Rodriguez is the guy you’re thinking of and, yes, I forgot to mention him, too. I read somewhere when someone compared him to Jefrey Marte, which I’m not sure what that means since Marte is raw as hell. Still, like Puello, I haven’t seen him live or on video and with few scouting information released, we have to wait until we get more details.

      2. TheBigStapler

        By that logic, though, he’s not responsible for any of the domestic draft either and no GM is responsible for any draft.

        The truth is, he has direct control over his entire staff, including head scouts, both foreign and domestic. He’s not out in the DR or in high schools with a clipboard and a radar gun but he is accountable for whoever is.

    2. Displaced Mets Fan

      Agreed – Puello has a nice upside, as do a bunch of these IFA signings that Omar and his staff have managed. I would point out that even though some of them are far from filling ML needs, Guerra was a key piece of the Santana deal and was far from being a ML ready pitcher

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