2014 Top 41: #37 – RHP Akeel Morris; #38 – RHP Ricardo Jacquez and #39 – Bret Mitchell

This year, I’m writing up most of my Top 41 Mets prospects in roughly similar groups. These three arms at the back of the list form a very cohesive trio of strong-armed relievers. There’s plenty of fastball here, but control issues and size make these guys relievers.

#37 – RHP Akeel Morris

Morris Bkln HeadBats/Throws:  Right/Right
Height/Weight:  6’1”/170 lbx
Acquired: 10th rd 2010 (Amalie HS – St. Thomas VI)
Born:  11/14/92
2013 Rank: NR (2012 – #20) | Stats
Why Ranked Here: Morris sits in the low 90s (90-94 last year, 90-93 in 2012) but can touch 96 or 97. His curveball and changeup both remain works in progress. He moves in front of the two guys behind him based on his slightly higher top-end velocity.
2013: Working primarily out of the bullpen, Morris had his best year yet for Brooklyn. The good news: he fanned almost 33% of opposing batters. The bad: he walked almost 13%. He’s still very, very raw, having barely pitched as an amateur before the Mets signed him.
Dr. Pangloss Says: Hey, I see you in the 8th inning in a good bullpen. 
Debbie Downer Says: I don’t see you throwing enough strikes or your breaking ball coming along far enough to get AAA hitters out.
Projected 2014 Start:  Savannah
MLB Arrival: 2017


[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


GCL 10;2.19;8/6;24.67;13;11;6;0;17;28;

APP 11;3.86;11/11;51.33;30;28;22;5;38;61;

APP 12;7.99;11/6;38.3;38;37;34;7;22;50;

NYP 13;1.00;14/3;45;29;7;5;1;23;60;


[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


GCL 10;6.2;10.2;1.6;0.0;4.7;4.01;15.9;26.2;107;

APP 11;6.7;10.7;1.6;0.9;5.3;4.91;16.8;27.0;226;

APP 12;5.2;11.7;2.3;1.6;8.9;8.69;12.3;27.9;179;

NYP 13;4.6;12.0;2.6;0.2;5.8;1.40;12.6;32.8;183;


#38 – RHP Ricardo Jacquez

Jacquez K-MetsBats/Throws:  Right/Right
Height/Weight:  5’9”/160 lbs
Acquired: 25th rd 2013 (Central AZ College)
Born:  5/6/93 (El Paso, TX)
2013 Rank: NA | Stats
Why Ranked Here:  He sat at 94 out of the Kingsport bullpen when I saw him in 2013 on a night when he was 92-94. He has a short, flat slider at 87 mph. He began his college career at Texas, but was kicked off the team for a second rules violation when he warmed up, but was too “dehydrated” to pitch (read: hungover).
2013:  Jacquez struck out 40% of the batters he faced in the Appalachian League. I expect him to start in Savannah, where he will blow through the SAL and land in St. Lucie by May or June depending on whether the Gnats are in the playoff hunt.
Dr. Pangloss Says: Nice 7th inning guy in the big leagues
Debbie Downer Says:  Dr., he’s 5’9”. A strong April wind in Binghamton or New York will blow him away.
Projected 2014 Start: Savannah
MLB Arrival: 2016

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]
13 APP;1.74;16/0;20.67;11;6;4;0;9;33;1;0;

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]
13 APP;3.9;14.4;3.7;0.0;4.8;2.6;11.1;40.7;0.0;81;

#39 Bret Mitchell

Bats/Throws:  Right/Right
Height/Weight:  6’2”/190 lbs
Acquired: 12th Rd 2010 (Minnesota State University)
Born:  12/10/88 (Lakeville, MN)
2013 Rank: NR | Stats
Why Ranked Here: Mitchell has the ability to be a Major League reliever. Mitchell’s first weapon is a 92-94 fastball. He complements that with a 81-83 mph curveball that has a chance to be a plus MLB weapon. His catchers and pitching coach raved about his changeup as well, but he threw it so rarely in games in 2013, I treat it as more myth than reality. Athleticism runs in his family; he has female relatives who were national level volleyball players.
2013:  After missing 2012 to repair a torn labrum in his hip, he rolled through the South Atlantic League before running into some trouble in advanced-A. Mitchell was promoted from Savannah to St. Lucie at the end of the first half with Jayce Boyd and Kevin Plawecki. Note that in moving from the SAL to the FSL, his walk rate and strikeout rates went backward. His walk rate jumped from 5.8% to 16.7%, while his strikeout rate declined from 34% to 26%.
Dr. Pangloss Says:  MLB 7th inning.
Debbie Downer Says:  AA 7th inning
Projected 2014 Start:  AA Binghamton
MLB Arrival: 2015


[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


13 SAL;2.35;22/0;30.67;42;9;8;2;7;41;1;4;

13 FSL;1.76;21/0;30.67;19;8;6;2;22;34;0;0;



[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


13 SAL;2.1;12.0;5.9;0.6;12.3;2.6;5.8;33.9;1.7;121;

13 FSL ;6.5;10.0;1.5;0.6;5.6;2.3;16.7;25.8;1.5;132;

Total ;4.3;11.0;2.6;0.6;9.0;2.5;11.5;29.6;1.6;253;


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