#21 – SS Philip Evans

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Height/Weight: 5’10”, 185 lbs

Acquired: 15th rd 2011 (La Costa Canyon HS)

Born: 9/10/92 (Carlsbad, CA)

2011 Rank: N/A

Why Ranked Here: The Mets drafted the highly touted Evans in the 15th round and then paid him $650,000 to sign, the equivalent of supplemental first round money.  The only two players who received higher signing bonuses from their 2011 draft class were first rounder Brandon Nimmo ($2.1 million) and supplemental first-rounder Michael Fulmer ($937k).

Why did the Mets spend on Evans?  He can play. As Mike Diaz broke down at the time of the draft, Evans has a chance to have average or better tools across the board.  A middle infielders who can hit, and project as an average or better regular, lands on the cusp of the top 20.

I saw Evans in August in Port St. Lucie when he was working out before joining the GCL team.  I was first surprised by how little he was.  A player at 5’10” stands out.  The Mets were giving Evans a few extra days to get back into playing shape because he was not ready to go after the long layoff from the June draft through the signing deadline in August. For this reason, I am very sure I did not see Evans at his best nor even at game speed.  In his batting practice sessions he worked the ball gap-to-gap, but showed little power or ability to drive the ball.  Again, that’s probably not what he was working on as much as getting his timing back. Running through infield drills, he looked fine.  I didn’t see the blazing foot-speed/quickness/athleticism I associate with professional shortstops, but again, remember when and where I saw him. Note however, that both Baseball America and Diaz (who’s now working as a professional scout) suspect that Evans will eventually have to move to second base.

2011: Evans played just a few weeks of professional baseball in 2011.  Evans and Nimmo were promoted to Kingsport for a few games after the GCL season ended.  Evans then was promoted to Brooklyn in the New York-Penn League, but I was told that that move had more to do with helping a Brooklyn-bound K-Mets teammate, who did not speak much English, make all of his connections through East Coast airports, than baseball.

Dr. Pangloss Says: A really good second baseman

Debbie Downer Says:  An organizational player

Projected 2012 Start: ??? This is one of the toughest assignments to predict. Savannah would be aggressive, but Evans passed through all of the short-season teams a year ago.  So, Savannah it is.

MLB Arrival: September 2015




2011 GCL 4 15 5 2 0 0 2 3 .333 .412 .467
2011 APP 3 11 4 2 0 0 1 2 .364 .417 .545
2011 NYP 2 8 1 0 0 0 0 0 .125 .125 .125
2011 Total 9 34 10 4 0 0 3 5 .294 .351 .412




2011 GCL 11.8 17.6 11.8 0.0 .417 .133
2011 APP 16.7 16.7 8.3 0.0 .444 .182
2011 APP 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 .125 .000
2011 TOT 10.8 13.5 8.1 0.0 .345 .118

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