#23 – LHP Robert Carson

Bats/Throws: L/L

Height/Weight: 6’3”/220 lbs

Acquired: 14th rd ’07 (Hattiesburg HS)

Born: 1/23/89 (Hattiesburg, MS)

2009 Rank: 18

Why Ranked Here: Carson was good, but not overpowering in the SAL at age 20, so he drops a few spots, but remains in a similar position to last year.  He’s a big kid from the left side, which bodes well for his durability moving forward.  His fastball was mostly 88-91, but he touched 94 although he didn’t work at that range.  Either way, it’s average to slightly above velocity from the left side.  His slider also comes in with a little above average velocity in the low 80s, but could use some tightening, as is the case with most youngsters.  His changeup is clearly his third pitch and whether or not it develops into an effective weapon will help dictate whether he’s a starter or reliever in the end. 

2009: Carson’s K/9 dropped from rookie ball in ’08 as did his groundball rate which still remained strong, however.  In terms of temporal splits, Carson’s gb% declined every month from  66/7% in April to 46.7 % in August.  Was this a result of a change in approach?  An indication of poor conditioning?  Either way, it’s not a real positive indicator.

Dr. Pangloss Says: Carson’s body, fastball and slider make him a big leaguer, and a potential #3 starter if things break just right.

Debbie Downer Says: Yeah, Carson has a future, but he’s a LOOGY, or if he loses control of his body, a AAA all-star.

Projected 2010 Start: St. Lucie rotation

MLB Arrival: 2012

08 GCL 1.57 5/5 23 11 5 4 0 6 25 .143 2.35 9.78 0.00 4.17 77.9 1.96
08 APP 1.76 6/6 30.2 29 12 6 1 18 21 .274 5.36 6.26 0.30 1.17 68.8 3.58
09 SAL 3.21 25/25 131.2 139 68 47 4 45 90 .270 3.09 6.17 0.27 2.00 52.3 4.66

Photo courtesy Fred Devyatkin.

There are 2 comments

  1. NickM

    Browsing MnLSplits.com, I just noticed Carson had some interesting LH/RH splits last year….

    vs LH: 26 IP, 4.56 FIP, .305 AVG, 3.12 BB/9, 4.85 K/9, 0.69 HR/9, 44.6 GB%
    vs RH: 111+ IP, 3.53 FIP, .255 AVG, 2.91 BB/9, 6.14 K/9, 0.16 HR/9, 54.4 GB%

    The sample size vs LH isn’t big, but its still a bit surprising. I honestly would have figured he was better vs the lefties.

    1. Toby Hyde

      I can’t get worked up over FIP over such a small sample. BB, K and GB numbers are interesting. I don’t have a good explanation at all.

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